Types of Events I Do

In my years as a DJ,
I’ve pretty much tackled a little bit of everything.

From swim parties and weddings to birthday parties and charity events, I’ve done it all!
So, whether you’re looking for someone to DJ your daughter’s sweet 16 party
or you want to get people on the dance floor at your private event,

About Our Services

I’ve got the experience, equipment, and professionalism to help.
Let’s chat!

While it’s pretty novel in the DJ industry for a seventeen-year-old to be heading up his own business,
I don’t think of myself as a teenage DJ; I’m just a DJ. (And a darn good one!)

When I took my first job in the sixth grade, it was DJing the school carnival, and I had no idea
this would lead to DJing for several church functions—and then a wedding.

Every job I’ve ever received has been through word of mouth,
so I know I have to bring my A game. Every time.

Why DJing?

I’ve always loved music, and, even at twelve, I showed a knack for it.
But I’m motivated by more than that.

Every penny I earn DJing goes directly to my college fund or investing in my DJ business
(which goes toward more gigs, more for the college fund, and so on).

There’s almost nothing in this world as important as a higher education,
and I’m so glad I’ve figured out a way to make that a reality while still having a ton of fun!

Charity Events

I believe wholeheartedly in giving back, which is why
I offer discounted rates for any school or nonprofit.

If you’re a nonprofit in need of a DJ for your next event,
contact me today for more information!

DJing with a Purpose

Get your groove on, and help the world—one glass of water at a time!

When you hire me, you can feel good knowing that 5 percent
of all proceeds go directly to CharityWater.org.

A nonprofit dedicated to bringing safe,
clean drinking water to the world.

Mini-THON. Big Impact.

A mini-THON is an event designed to be fun, to empower students
to use their leadership skills, and to help combat childhood cancer.

To date, I’ve DJed at four of these events with at least two more on the calendar.
These require lots of preparation and coordination with the school,
but they also require me to DJ for as long as twelve hours!

It’s a lot of work, but I’m so happy to have played my part for this worthy cause.

From breast cancer awareness to the Girls Scouts to underprivileged kids who need books,
there are many causes near and dear to me, and I’m honored to bring as much
good—and music—into this world as possible!